Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.  – Mr. Rogers

Kids in Foster Care Need Friendships

When you learn about what kids in foster care have endured, you will understand why they have many needs. A need we can help create is for them to have stable, healthy friendships that can help them thrive during a challenging time of their life. We at Simply Friends bring kids in Southern California the opportunity to safely and simply share positive experiences with adults in their neighborhoods.

We ask you to consider the positive influences you had when you were young. Perhaps you connected with a teacher? Maybe a family friend? Maybe a neighbor?

How did those relationships impact you? Were you inspired to choose your current profession? Did you learn about other cultures? Did you simply spend quality time with someone who cared about you?

The impact those friendships have had on you are the same types of connections that all kids deserve, in and out of foster care.